My Family

My Family
3 kids with CF

Friday, July 2, 2010

Good day

Matthew came home yesterday! It is so nice to have him here with me. Michael and Abby did their pfts yesterday and both of their numbers were up. I have been so scared for Michael for the past two weeks. His numbers were right around 43 for a long time. When he was admitted they were 21 %. We were told when they dropped to 30 and stayed there, he would go on the transplant list. Yesterday, his numbers were in the 50s!! That is the second best he's ever done. It eased some of the worry that I have been feeling, although as a parent the worry never disappears. Abby's numbers were back up in the 80s where she normally is if she is not sick. I am so happy that they are both doing much better. Matthew is doing well with his g-tube. It was such a major decision to have him get one but now that it's over I am glad that we did. He has already started gaining 300 grams a day, instead of the 8 grams a day he was gaining prior to the tube being placed. He is such a happy, lively child. Well, they all are really. I don't know how they go through all this stuff and still remain happy, upbeat, loving, and gracious, but they do. My children make me proud every single day and I am honored to be their mother. They are my heroes.

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