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My Family
3 kids with CF

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We did it!!

I am happy to report, we have reached so many milestones this past few months.  Michael turned 8 in May and I was so happy to see it!   When he was so sick with his liver and his heart, I was scared he wouldn't make it to 8 but here we are!  The only thing he wanted for his birthday was a green butterfly net.  Simple, right?  I looked ALL over town for months for one and finally found one at Toys R Us.  They had JUST gotten a shipment in and only had one green one left by the time I got there.  His face lit up when he unwrapped it and that moment will stay with me always.  I'm so glad I could make him so happy! 
Michael just got home from a 3 week admission.  It was a planned admit but the day he was to be admitted, his sats dropped, his heart rate increased. he needed his oxygen and he spiked a fever.  It turned out to be viral but I'm glad he was going to be admitted anyway.  It always scares me when he gets that sick that fast.  The admission went well..  They switched his tube feed formula from one that has 1.5 calories per ounce to one that has 2 calories per ounce and he put on 4 pounds.  I weighed him when he came home so I could get a baseline on our scale and he weighed 49.4 pounds. It has been my goal for the past year and a half to get him to 50 pounds (those of you with CF kids know how difficult this can be).  I even made a deal with him:  If he started eating well and doing his tube feeds (he sometimes unhooks himself so he can play), once he passed the 50 pound mark, I would pay him $15.  Well, I weighed him tonight before bed and he now weighs 51 pounds!!  I am going to (gladly) pay him his $15 tomorrow or we may just go to Walmart and buy him the Beyblade thing he's been wanting.  Abby is currently in the hospital for a tune up and we are hoping to get her out on the third of July even though her 21 days aren't up until the fourth.  They are not going to gain or lose anything with 24 hours so we are fighting to get her home on the third so she can be with us to celebrate on the fourth.  That's all there is to report.  Things are going well here.  I hope and pray that they stay that way!

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  1. Huge well done on the weight milestone! Awesome effort from you all. Great to hear from you, I was wondering did you have your baby & did I miss you saying?

    Anyways glad to hear everything is going well at the minute :)